Will the Internet provide for you?

Posted by Tim

You’ve probably toyed with the idea of ‘making the Internet work for you’, but as is often the case, most people lack the time or the skills to take things further.

Online since the days of acoustic couplers and long distance call charges to far away bulletin boards running through Hayes modems in rural Canadian, the pace of change has been startling.

Technical barriers today have significantly reduced and the cost of hardware and hosting collapsed from thousands to a few hundred dollars you are perfectly placed to take advantage of what the World Wide Web offers wherever you are.

WebMechanism.com™ can help you go from your first steps to first class on the Internet with our tips, tools and recommended do’s and don’ts.

To celebrate 20 years of Tim Berners-Lee devising the Web from the previously fragmented Internet, WebMechanism.com™ will change some of the site to the latest hot technology.

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Internet Basics

Posted by Tim

This video from 2002 puts some very absract ideas into a short film representing real world examples of how the Internet works.

You’ll travel along the path of a familiar mouse click in a browser.

Enjoy the brief use of a Netscape browser, the first commercial web browser. It’s legacy through the Mozilla Project is the Firefox browser.

It covers packets, routers, TCP/IP, firewalls, ports, ping and web addresses.

Good overall video about the basics of how the Internet works

Duration : 13 min

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